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Haben Sie Fragen, dann habe ich Antworten! Eine nette Beraterin mit ehere Wünsche Ihnen zu helfen. Bekommen Sie Ihre Hilfe wie schell wie möglich!

My True 120-years Story. Welcome to the one of the most positive and calm home on Kasamba! I am Adelina, this is my name and I am from the third generation clairvoyant family, living in Spain. My generation's clairvoyant story counts 120 years! My grandmother was a great reader for 55 years, she could read people so easily like reading a book! My mother is also a perfect clairvoyant and intuitive person, she works as a clairvoyant for 45 years. I am the third female in my family with the gift to see and read people, my experience is 20,5 years. I can see pictures (clairvoyance), feel the information (clairsentience) and know the true intentions and feelings of the people. I am born gifted. I use no tools, and prefer to receive the information directly from the Universe! My Specifications: Clairvoyance Clairsentience Clairaudience Remote Viewing (Clairvoyance even through the distance) Mediumship (Connection with spirit guides, with angels/spirits or with our loved ones...) Dream Interpretation Empathy (Feeling other people's energy, feelings and emotions) Healing Fortune Telling What I Do: Love and Relationship Readings (I can tell you if he/she is the one. i will say how does the person feel about you. I explore all your partner's feelings and intentions about you) Soulmate Connection Career Readings Business readings Financial readings Awakening readings (In awakening reading I can tell if you have a special gift and what kind of psychic abilities do you have. I can say if you should use your abilities professionally. Through the awakening reading I can tell you what kind of knowledge/info do you need to go through your awakening period successfully!) Healing sessions Aura cleansing Chakra healings/readings (I will be able to heal all your emotional or energy blockages, discovering the root of the issue. It helps energy to go through your body in a right manner!) How My Readings Work: 1. Everyone is kindly welcome to my live chat. I am very kind, positive and calm person. You can feel my energy in free 3-minutes conversation before paying! 2. Free 3-minutes chat is for you to feel if I am the best expert for you. 3. In live chat I will need some details like names, ages, question/s. 4. After the private reading you can leave a short feedback about the session (highly recommended) My Schedule. I am available all days, from Monday to Monday)) mornings 6-7 am (CEST, Madrid) and during the day too. E-mail Reading: This is a very good option if you need my help and I am offline. Detailed answers with describing everything that I saw in your situation will be sent to you within 48 hours after you book it. It costs only $14.99 per 1 question. Just imagine that for only $44.97 you can have 3 your main and the most important questions answered! Each additional question costs $14.99. Written Horoscope: If you would like to have your questions answered in detailed and written form, I highly recommend you to book the horoscope. You will find it very helpful and easy to book! I do different types of horoscopes: Compatibility horoscope (In this horoscope I can say about the compatibility you and your partner/s) - $24.99 Psychological horoscope (You will understand the person you are asking about: its behavior, its manners, its life style and its character of course!) - $24.99 Love horoscope (All possible info about your love life, at the moment and for the future) - $24.99 Horoscope for a child - $24.99 Karmic horoscope - $24.99 what kind of karmic lessons do you have in this life and how you can go through it freely. If you are aware of something - you are ready to figure it out!) - $24.99 Receive a caring written guidance to solve your relationship issues, family issues or any other issues!!! LANGUAGE PREFERENCES: Private chat/e-mail readings/horoscopes can be in English, Deutsch and in Russian. Feel free to ask me about your language preferences!

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Adelina is Clairvoyant. Empath, Medium, Healer. I do not use any tools. 20, 5 years of experience. Speak 3 languages: English, Deutsch, and Russian. Quick typist. Thousands of readings and healing sessions. Truth and clarity!


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